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Hospitality / Entertainment

Encompass’ roots are in the hospitality industry.  Since 1999 (in our former iteration of Sound & Lighting Designs), Encompass has been providing premiere AV systems to some of the best locations in Chicago and around the country.  

One of the cornerstone technologies in hospitality is a great quality audio system.  Whether in a lobby, lounge or amazing restaurant, audio is critical to how your guests perceive their experience.   With Encompass founder Timothy Pickett’s Columbia degree in Architectural Acoustics, our clients are sure they are receiving the best sound system designs.  For over 15 years Encompass has partnered with companies like Martin Audio of London, Lab Gruppen, and Symetrix to bring crystal clear, evenly distributed, and intelligible systems to places like Hotel Zachary, Brickhouse Tavern, and our award winning Gibsons Italia.   (Mondo DR award for best restaurant / bar install 2018)

Video is a key component in this industry.  Using network video solutions from companies such as Just Add Power, Encompass has been designing quality HD and UHD installations since 2014.  Using network video allows a customer to stay away from limited devices such as HDMI matrices while allowing for future expansion with the least cost up front for a client’s distributed video.  Encompass also represents brands like Sony, Panasonic and Samsung for the best in quality display solutions.  

Encompass also offers services like network and Wi-Fi from Aruba, structured cabling with our partners at Siemon, some of the most advanced camera systems from Verkada, along with managed and remote access services to ensure our client’s events are always successful!

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