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Managed Services

  • Extended Warranty
    • Encompass offers extended manufactures warranty on most products up to sixty months.  Extended warranty packages can be purchased for 36 month and 60-month periods.  The warranty covers everything the original manufactures warranty does along with the labor associated with the faulty item.  The warranty may also include a loaner or replacement unit when available.  Encompass can guarantee a temporary fix within 48 hours.

  • Onsite support packages
    • Encompass allows clients to pre-purchase blocks of on-site technical support for a discounted rate.  Packages come in 10, 25, and 50-hour parcels.  Rates will vary depending on type of labor purchased (union / non-union).

  • Remote monitoring package
    • Certain Encompass systems have the ability to be monitored 24/7.  For an annual fee, the qualifying system will report directly to Encompass with issues including primary electronics, network problems or control issues.  Encompass can dispatch technicians usually before the client knows there’s an issue.

  • 24-hour technical support
    • Access to technical phone and email support 24 hours a day.  Encompass staff can typically talk callers through issues, remote in to help control or correct issues with systems that apply.  Many issues can be resolved over the phone or via email / text without the added expense of an on-site technician.

  • 24 Emergency Service
    • Access to on-site support 24 hours a day.  Encompass offers an emergency service phone number and email address to request service at any time.  On site technicians are on call and can usually be at a property within 120 minutes.  Encompass guarantees a window of less than three hours.

  • Maintenance packages
    • Encompass has had a maintenance program in service for over ten years.  Our team members work around the clock to service and clean systems on off hours for our clients.  The maintenance package will ensure TV’s are clean and smudge free, amplifiers are blown out to prevent overheating, and the overall system is functional and operating within specification.  These maintenance packages can be set up for quarterly or monthly service.  All service is documented.

  • Training and Continued Education
    • Encompass is proud of the quality training sessions we provide and the material such as manuals and videos ensures clients know how to properly use their new system.  Additional training can be provided to clients for new employees or for product updates. The cost for initial training is always included with a system purchase.  Continued education can be purchased separately or wrapped into a premium support package.   

  • Premium Group 60 Package
    • This is Encompass’ premier package.  All of the above services are wrapped into one neat package, ensuring full confidence for the client.  The entire Encompass team will be there to support the client anytime of day for any need related to oversee the systems.  This package is billed annually and is available for up to 60 months with full warranty.  Outside of 60 months this package can be extended, with the exception of equipment warranty. ​